Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Boston Marathon and Beyond

Just looked into my blog and realize it has been 8 months since a blog update...

Deception Pass 50km in December....Long and short, that was an absolutely amazing day - the training paid off and for the first time ever I was able to actually race the majority of a 50km trail race (even though I turned back and added 2km to get help for an injured co-runner get help).  Still mid-pack but working my way up, and enjoying the moments.


Boston Marathon in April: the next milestone...

A milestone it was!!  An absolutely unbelievable race and I was very proud to be a part of the beautiful crowd and 30,000+ athletes.

All in all, Boston Marathon - SO MUCH MORE than one can ever imagine.  Though, the weather was much to be desired with 60km head wind gusts, sideways rain with near zero celsius temperatures; this did not phase me in the slightest. 26.2 Miles straight of huge crowds cheering (even though it was absolutely horrendous weather....).  The energy of the relentless crowd and co-runners infused energy by osmosis.  When in doubt I just high-fived a few smiling kids and immediately my pace was right back on track!!   No real doubt on the day.  That in my mind is a success regardless....I even-paced for the first 40 km but unfortunately spent every penny before the last 2.2km, both legs were in full fledged cramp and only mini-jump-steps were possible (sad but true, so unlike me!!).  I was on pace for a <3:35 but ended up 3:38....  Unfortunately no sub 3:30 Boston for me this year (maybe next???!!)


The funny part: 4 days later, I stubbed my right pinky toe (and broke right in half - I will say the x-ray is quite ugly).

5 weeks later with a recent x-ray the toe is still a full break, but I can now wear shoes again, and feels fine-ish to me so (Dr. approved) running will begin soon.  I enjoyed the much needed rest (I don't think I have done that in about 17 years).

To start off with a bang I just agreed today to running in a relay in the Muskoka 70.3 half Ironman next month!!  (of course with consideration that I will be DOG SLOW).

Phew....I'm back!!  (Though I was getting used to the lazy version of Sheryl....)